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Safe and Nurtured

For children to grow and develop appropriately, they must feel safe and nurtured. That’s why safety is our #1 priority at Angels Care and Learning Center. We provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally enriching environment for our students to thrive. From the quality we expect of our teachers to the food we serve our students to the enriching activities that we provide, our intent is to give students the best learning experience possible.

All our students receive high-quality care, regardless of their background. We cherish diversity and inclusion and believe that both are integral to a well-rounded education. Our graduates regularly exceed the social, emotional, and academic expectations of kindergarten. Our experienced and well-trained teachers treat all our students with the respect and care they deserve.

How We Care for the Whole Child

Angels Care and Learning Center is not just focused on learning. It’s also a great place for kids to play and make friends. We believe that exposure to a diverse, multicultural environment is incredibly beneficial to a child’s development. 

Children are learning all the time, so it’s vital to create learning experiences that will help them grow and prepare for their future. Please take a look at our learning environment, which encourages children of all learning abilities to succeed. You can even watch one of our classes during a lesson or free play. 

We also provide:

  • Healthy homecooked meals: breakfast, lunch, and snack
  • Reading readiness and learning activities
  • Experiential activities in math and science
  • A diverse, bilingual learning environment
  • Physical activity on our state-of-the-art outdoor play area
  • Themed learning experiences that highlight creative and diverse topics

Take a Virtual 3D Tour
of Our Angels Care on Maufrais Facility

Take a Virtual 3D Tour
of Our Angels Care on S 1st Facility

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Angels Care on South 1st

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