About Angels Care and Learning Center


Angels Care and Learning Center provides bilingual care classes for children ages six weeks to five years and after school care for school age children. We specialize in child-centered learning, providing integrated planned activities for each child, taking into account their level and style of learning.

We challenge each child by encouraging the development of social, emotional, intellectual, and language skills. Kids learn best through well-researched, organized educational instruction, which is why Angels Care utilizes the Frog Street curriculum and comprehensive assessment tools throughout the day. Our graduates enter kindergarten well-prepared with the social, emotional, intellectual, and language skills necessary to flourish.

We teach our children:

  • Self-respect
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Social and emotional confidence
  • Language, math, science, and artistic excellence


At Angels Care, we know that fueling the body is just as important as fueling the brain. That’s why we nourish our children with healthy, homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack without processed foods.​ We believe the best development comes from supporting the brain and body together.  Our students develop healthy nutritional habits that last a lifetime.


Angels Care and Learning Center has been a part of the South Austin community since 2006. We serve all families interested in setting their children up for success in a loving, nurturing, inclusive environment. Well-rounded childhood development comes from a variety of experiences as well as a diversity in community. We love learning about our children from their families and learning about our community to enrich life learning.

We teach our children:

  • We served as hub to provide clean drinking water during the Big Freeze of 2021.
  • During the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in summer 2020, we provided healthy box lunches to families when they were unable to shop due to supply shortages.
  • We routinely offer first aid and CPR training onsite to our families.
  • We partnered with a non-profit to provide a week’s supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and nutrition education to all our families for 6 weeks during the summer 2021.

We believe your choice in childcare matters, so we invite you to come to visit us today!

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