Angels Care Infant Classes

Age: 6 weeks - 12 months

In this age group, students learn:

  • Gross motor skills, such as sitting up unsupported
  • How to make eye contact
  • How to reach for objects
  • Show affection to familiar people
  • Simple pretend play
  • Explore surroundings when in a familiar location
  • Language learning, such as cooing and babbling
  • Begin to imitate words they hear

At Angels Care, we nurture children so they progress towards their developmental milestones. We know that each child reaches those milestones at different points. We make sure to track their developmental milestones and watch for signs that the child isn’t progressing.

Your child will be cared for and nurtured in a safe, loving environment by our qualified staff. Your child will develop and thrive in a learning environment tailored to their development. We use the Frog Street curriculum, based on the latest research on how children learn most effectively.

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