Angels Care Older Infant Classes

Age: 12 - 18 months

In this age group, students learn:

  • Gross motor skills, such as walking
  • Fine motor skills, such as feeding themselves
  • The use and purpose of everyday objects, such as a spoon or shoe
  • To understand and follow two-step directions
  • More complicated pretend play
  • To group and sort toys and objects
  • Stringing 2-4 words together, develop a vocabulary of 200+ words
  • To recognize they can perform activities without the help of a caregiver

At Angels Care, we nurture children so they progress towards their developmental milestones. We know that each child reaches those milestones at different points, and our job is to watch for any sign of delayed development.

We at Angels Care are committed to helping you take care of your child by providing a safe, loving environment that will nurture and engage them. We offer the perfect learning experience for children in an environment tailored to their unique development using the Frog Street bilingual curriculum which is based on years of research on how kids learn most effectively.

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