Angels Care Early Pre-K Classes

Age: 2 years old

In this age group, students learn:

  • Potty Training
  • Gross motor skills, such as pedaling a bike
  • Fine motor skills, such as using markers correctly to draw recognizable shapes
  • Begin counting everyday objects
  • To understand and follow three-step directions
  • To remember and retell stories
  • To play with other kids
  • To show concern for peers that are upset
  • To speak in 5-6 word sentences and have a conversation
  • Sharing and turn-taking

Angels Care is dedicated to caring for children and helping them progress towards their developmental milestones. We know that each child progresses at a different rate, so we’re committed to providing personalized care and monitoring any signs of delayed development.

To show that Angels Care is the best childcare education in Austin, we provide safe and loving care for your child. Using the Frog Street bilingual curriculum which is based on years of research on how kids learn most effectively, our educators do their best to engage children during all activities.

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