The Angels Care and Learning Center staff are loving, dedicated, well-trained child development and education professionals.

Our teachers are loving, highly-trained individuals with a passion for what they do. They know that they are helping raise our future. That is why they take their job seriously and we at Angels Care and Learning Center do our best to ensure they are equipped and supported.

Read more about our staff below.

Rosalba Duràn

Title: Cook & support administrative

What you do for Angels Care: I cook and help around the classrooms and front desk

What your specialty is: office work and cooking.

What you love about your job: To cook for the kids because I am feeding them healthy, tasty food. I love when the kids tell me that they love my food.

What you like to do in your personal/free time: Watch tv

Who is in your family/pets: I don’t have kids of my own, but I live with my nephew and his family and I enjoy them a lot.

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