Angels Care Pre-K 3 Classes

Age: 3 years old

In this age group, students learn:

  • Gross motor skills, such as jumping and skipping
  • Fine motor skills, such as correctly using scissors and drawing letters
  • How to organize and sort objects by size, shape, color, etc.
  • To understand abstract concepts, like “bigger” and “soon”
  • To recognize shapes in the real world
  • To make up songs, rhymes, and stories
  • To follow unrelated series of directions
  • To play with other kids and feel comfortable separated from caregivers
  • To show a wider range of emotions

Austin ISD Partnership

Our Pre-K 3 classes are part of a partnership between Angels Care and Austin ISD to help prepare students for kindergarten. Our lead teachers have bachelor’s degrees and are actively working toward their master’s degrees in teaching. Additionally, our lead teachers undergo extensive teacher training and administer the latest, most advanced pre-k curricula available.

We are proud to be one of the few AISD pre-k programs with full-day care.

Monitoring Development

Every child’s development progresses at a different pace, so we’re committed to providing personalized care and giving special attention to any signs of delayed development. Rest assured that our teachers have a keen eye for development goals and progress.

All Angels Care teachers are dedicated to giving your child the best possible learning experience by using the Frog Street bilingual curriculum which is based on years of research on how kids learn most effectively. To help kids make a smooth transition from learning to play, we incorporate learning experiences into our everyday schedules.

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