Bilingual Environment

Bilingual Learning Environment

Angels Care and Learning Center is a bilingual (Spanish/English) learning environment. Children learn to communicate through speech and lessons with our bilingual staff.

No prior bilingual experience is necessary – children at all language levels are welcome!

“At Angels Care, we believe that a diverse classroom has many benefits for learning and development. A bilingual learning environment is an excellent way to promote learning, increase literacy, and enhance development in children.”

-The staff at Angels Care

The Challenges of Bilingual Education

Some parents and families think learning an additional language before mastering their primary language will be complicated or confusing for children. However, that is far from the truth. Children learning their first language have all the materials they need; learning a second language can enhance that learning process. In fact, learning an additional language at any age helps improve cognitive abilities and learning potential in other subject areas.

There are many challenges when learning to speak two languages: learning rules and patterns for correct sentence structure, expressing thoughts, and conjugations. Understanding and applying these unique aspects of language causes children to think critically about how they communicate – not only in their second language but overall.

The Benefits of Bilingual Education

In tomorrow’s world, we will be able to interact even more freely with those who speak languages other than English. Being bilingual gives children a better understanding of different cultures and prepares them for the global marketplace. Today’s families are growing up learning two or more languages and learning to communicate with family members of diverse cultures. This bodes well for our future – one in which learning additional languages will be common for all children, regardless of their cultural background.

Consistent with our mission to encourage learning, we offer bilingual education for English-dominant and Spanish-dominant children.

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